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A great addition to scent your car, closet, or any small closed space! These diffusers come in a number of scents and you can choose between silver flakes, yellow gold flakes, and rose gold flakes.

The diffusers last 45-60 days!

To use the diffuser, follow these steps:

1. Remove wooden cap, set aside

2. Remove stopper, discard

3. Replace wooden cap

4. Tip container upside down for a few seconds

5. Hang from your rear view mirror, or wherever you choose to use the diffuser (Take care not to spill the diffuser on the vehicle interior as it can stain/mark the property)


As with all of our products, the diffusers are meant to be repurposed when they are finished. You can refill with your own oils, or we are happy to refill for you!

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